Whats ​New ​? Whats​ Good 2 – Its the Friday 22nd June News

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Stuff and News about the New Stuff

We’ve a fine collection of ancient and modern with our new records hitting the store this week. From gentle soulful vibes that will lift you from this mortal plane and raise you above the ugly struggles of everyday life to four to the floor banging dance beats that will wear out the leather on your stylish Italian dancing shoes.

Bedouine – Bird Songs of a Killjoy

“blissful” ,“a gentle grandeur” are a couple of insightful and on the money comments from the shed-full of rave reviews for this stunning album. Bedouine is a singer songwriter with smooth exotic sounds and harmonies. This, her second album, is a collection of songs that will feel like home. Like you’ve loved them since you brought them back in 1971…though they are not retro or backward looking, the fit perfectly into the modern musical landscape. Nick Drake, Laura Nyro and Joni are touchpoints for sure…but Bedouine doesn’t sound like she is standing on the shoulders of giants, but rather passing the guitar around the table and singing with her peers. Mark my words…Bedouine will be on those albums of the year list come the short days of December. 

Parliament – Chocolate City  

George Clinton, Bootsie Collins et al…mid-seventies funk at its most strident. Brassy, bassy and bossy!  Get your feet moving and your mind working. The experience of black America in the seventies is at the pumping heart of this record. Making it as relevant now as it was then.  Amidst the classic P-Funk vibes, Let Me Be sounds like a funk-fuelled gospel rage against social media, a good thirty years ahead of its time. But if there is a message it is in the music, the vibe and the groove. Music that is right on time, Music that will blow your mind; Let Parliament lay some funk on you!

Bad Books- III 

This introverted, low-fi but trippy collection of delicate songs from Bad Books invokes a Simon & Garfunkel in Space feel. The close up and personal vocals, the soft reverbed dripping piano sounds and the honey-soaked harmonies will envelop you and hold you close. “We don’t have to be alone” The band sing but this is a record that will be enjoyed solo, in the candlelight with a drink, an unread book in your hand and headful of regretful memories. If you like Iron & Wine, Granddaddy and Villagers, Bad Books will most definitely be your china cup and saucer of earl grey. 

Cassius – Dreems

The French House, Synth Pop duo are back, with an album set for the summer dancefloors. These are some bass heavy beats that will infect the holiday season. Whether you are on the beaches or in the clubs of Brighton or Ibiza or the dance tents in the summer festivals you will be moving to these infectious tunes.  This album is released just as the untimely death of Zdar, one half of the duo, has been announced. The outpouring of tributes from a diverse range of artists on Twitter attest to the importance of Cassius. 

Kate Tempest – The Book of Traps and Lessons

Legendary producer Rick Ruben strips down Kates musical back drop to a series moody melancholy soundscape that perfectly and effortlessly reflect her poetry. This is a claustrophobic record; These Poems are an onslaught of images and emotions built upon emotions and images. The dystopian nature of the world that Kate Tempest poetry inhabits is today, is here and is now. She holds a mirror up against the world and lets us see the mess. “I See the Truth, Even Here, In the lies of the City” she incants on “Lessons” with Rubin’s gentle sequencer synth and string quartet underpins the whole with a stern intensity. This may not be an easy listen; this may not be a Pop record…But it is necessary, and it is vital. And in the final track “People’s faces” Kate is finally optimistic “ More Empathy, Less Greed, More Respect”. As a way forward you know that kinda works! This album comes with a special gift of a blue covered passport style booklet of the poems on the record

Calexico and Iron & Wine – Years To Burn.

We at Creekside Vinyl Mansions have been looking forward to this one for a long time coming. Collaborating again these two stalwarts of the Indie-Folk scene. If you don’t know ‘em and want a reference point, think the Crosby, Stills and Nash and move outward from there. This album is awash with gentle insistent melodies and the rich voices of Sam Bean and Joey Burns. The songs on this album are built upon arpeggio nylon strings and grow around persistent chord structures and harmonies that will get under your skin…you will find yourself humming these melody lines quietly long after the needle has left the record.

Bad Breeding – Exiled

When reflecting on the extraordinary political and social upheaval at the moment, It’s often said If you are not angry then you’re not paying attention. Bad Breeding are most definitely paying attention and here on their new record Exiled they bring forth a righteous anger. Punk? Hardcore? Noiserock? Pick whatever box you want…but that’s not important. This alarming cacophony of a mutating and swirling sound is an assault on the sense. Hailing from the suburban town of Stevenage Bad Breeding are waving a flag and singing for the lost and the forgotten. The exiled who live amongst us but are unwanted, they use foodbanks rather than The Ivy (or even Nandos!).  When the politicians said of austerity, that we were all in this together, oh how they lied. Some felt the spike of “austerity” far more than others. This exceptional visceral record is an angry response to that crime. More Power to Bad Breeding…not that they need it! 

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