Shop aged one

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Shop aged one

Bunting, balloons, cards, cake, ale, music, singing, old friends, new friends, good friends and good times…. Creekside Vinyl had a party (or two).

To mark the first anniversary of Simon taking over the shop, we set about making the May Day weekend a time of celebration.  So, on Friday we had a gathering for members of the Black Circle Club.

It was always hoped that the Black Circle Club (BCC) would be a place of connection. More than just A.N. Other shop loyalty scheme, rather a place where people with a passion for music can come together, share their loves and share their stories, united in a solid bond that is a love of music.

Friday saw that dream a reality.  BCC members came to Market Street on a rainy evening and enjoyed a drink, some snacks and Annabel’s beautiful black circle cake.  The happier they became the more they drunk. Laughter and natter about this band or that band…the third album or the second album…the festival or the secret gig. It was brilliant.

A brief calm interlude from the joyous talk was provided when the sublime Anna E strapped on her guitar and hit the chill button with some soulful tunes with a samba bosa nova vibe straight out of Canterbury! Her smooth voice and gentle charm were a genuine rebirth of the cool. Nice!

As the evening came to a close, the fantastic Sonny England played Happy Birthday on Anna’s guitar. And yes…that was a tear in my eye. Thanks Sonny!

On Sunday afternoon we reconvened, to listen at the altar of genre defying (though “Frock” was mooted) songs and tales of Ethan Johns. The Brit Award-winning producer who has graced the records of the likes of Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon and Laura Marling amongst others. He played us a selection of songs from his latest album. The dogs in the shop kept beating time with their tails, the saxophone player in the square offered tangential harmonies. The shop was captivated as Ethan’s songs camped in a surrealistic wilderness between Americana and classic British Folk. A mournful, melodic blues that enraptured Faversham on a damp Sunday afternoon. The troubadour stood amongst us for a brief time, made our lives better and just like Caine in “Kung Fu” *…he moved on to another town. His work done.  

And that was that. A year had passed, and its passing was marked, in a way that was befitting of the vibe of our shop…with laughter, friendship and music.

Thank you all, each and every one, for your continued support of Creekside Vinyl. I love this shop and our wonderful community of music lovers.

*Classic 1970s TV program known to everyone born between 1958 and 1966.

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